signature fragrance – folle de joie by joie

I almost always request a fragrance for Christmas – selecting my signature fragrance for the year is a little luxury that I wouldn’t necessarily splurge on for myself, but a fragrance or cologne is always a thoughtful gift to give and receive. This year, I asked my not-so-secret-santa (read: boyfriend) for Folle De Joie eau de parfum by Joie.

Joie is a brand that I’ve always been a bit enamored with and I’ve genuinely wanted this fragrance for well over a year now without having even sampled it because of my perception of the Joie brand and because of the wonderful reviews I had read online. When I think of Joie, I think of warmth and simplicity – in this sense, I really didn’t need to sample the scent before deciding on it.

Joie’s website describes this perfume as follows: The scent opens with a burst of freshness from an intimate blend of calming sweet citrus mixed and a light woodsy floral, giving way to playful hints of rich cognac. Folle De Joie’s mid notes of jasmine and rose add a feeling of Summer’s carefree essence while exotic warm base notes of spicy and rich wood and leather nuances broaden the seductive scent.

Sounds yummy, doesn’t it? I really enjoy that I can wear this scent year round, too.

As you can see in my photo, the packaging is gorgeous, simple, and delicate. It genuinely doesn’t even need to be wrapped to be gifted. The gift set as it’s depicted here has unfortunately sold out from Nordstrom, however the same set with slightly different packaging can be purchased through Birchbox at the link here, or the fragrance as a standalone can be purchased directly via Joie’s website at the link here.

What’s your signature fragrance?

xoxo Katelyn

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